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Zero Balancing®Carla Van Arnam
Manual Lymph Drainage
Integrative Massage Therapy

Would you like to feel more at ease in your body, more relaxed, or just feel better? I can help.

I am a certified practitioner of Zero Balancing® and a Holistic Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist (Vodder Method). Both methods employ gentle, precise touch in well designed protocols for the entire body to amplify your health.

Zero Balancing (ZB) works with the deepest structures and conductors of energy, your bones, to relieve stress and amplify health.
ZB is a full body, whole person approach to general and specific issues.  More >

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) works specifically with the lymph system to enhance immune system function and reduce the possibility of lymphedema. Think of it as spring cleaning for your lymph system. It is great for healthy folks who want to improve basic health. It’s the perfect complement to elective plastic or dental surgery, speeding healing and improving recovery. MLD before and after surgery reduces swelling. More >

The greatest benefits come from bodywork at regular intervals.  Bringing the energy and structure of the body into balance and harmony reverberates through life. Relief from stress gives greater ease to every day living. I’m interested in transformation and increasing happiness. How about you?

How often would you like to feel wonderful?

Each session is unique – it all depends on what you need when you arrive for your appointment.

By appointment only: Tuesday 9-5, Thursday 9-5, Friday 2-5 and Saturday 10-2.
Please phone 352-318-8974 to make an appointment.

  • FL Massage Therapy License MA41884.
  • Certified Practitioner, Zero Balancing Health Association
  • Faculty, Zero Balancing Health Association
  • FSMTA Suwannee Valley Chapter LMT of the Year (2010)
  • Certified Member, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP)
  • Member, Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA)
  • Graduate of The Florida School of Massage (Gainesville)
  • Graduate of University of Florida (MFA) and The University of the South (BA)

Client Comments:

“After a series of weekly ZB sessions, I found Carla’s protocols to be very effective in helping to release inefficient habitual patterns. Her gentle and firm touch at precise bone points acts like a coach for connective tissue – the pressure directs awareness which triggers “aha” moments in body and mind of “so that’s a good position for this joint”. Tissues feel more at ease and connected into the whole. These feelings of new connection also express as mental images such as treeishly sturdy legs, a broad comfortable path opening, or the red and gold glow of holiday joy.
It’s a whole-person tune-up every time.
Appreciatively, M. Kampny LMT”

“I am always astonished at the power of subtle touch.”
“More artful and thoughtful than any other massage I’ve ever had.”
“I just feel so good.”

Concise Session:  20-35 minutes……….$45

Full or MLD Follow-up Session:  40-60 minutes……….$70

Extended Session or First MLD session:  up to 90 minutes……………$95

MLD Self-Care Session:  20-35 minutes……….$45

Zero Balancing Touch Feedback Session………$75
(For ZB students and Certification Candidates)

Reduced rates are available with the commitment to sessions at regular intervals. All appointments for the remainder of the calendar year will be made at the outset.

Doctor Prescribed Bodywork:
Your medical doctor may prescribe massage or manual therapy, in which case you may be eligible to use your health insurance to cover part of the cost, depending upon your policy.

First Appointment:
An extra 10-15 minutes may be added at no charge for paperwork and initial history taking.

Rescheduling Policy:
Please give 24 hours notice to avoid a missed appointment fee.

Office in Integrative Manual Therapies
7328 West University Avenue, Suite F, Gainesville, FL 32607
Passed Department of Health inspection and awaiting massage establishment license number.